Building computer systems

I started building computers around the age of 15. Since I helped many of my friends and family choosing or building their own computer I am well aware of the wishes and needs of a typical user. This knowledge is very useful in the building process. I realized we are living in an age where technology is getting more and more complex. Though in the process of building your own computer you can learn many of the basics about the electronics we use every day. That’s why in my work I try to incorporate a small bit of time to teach the user a bit about the internals of a computer. This makes the process cheaper and more customized to the users wishes. This technique is especially useful when I’m working with younger kids. Many younger kids want to play videogames and instead of denying them that, the parent can use this motivation to get their kids to learn about the technology they want to use, making it a much more educational process.

case 1: High performance budget gaming pc

As one of my job assignments I was asked to build a high performance budget gaming pc. First we started assessing what kind of wishes the client had.


We started looking at the budget and space he had available for the setup. We decided upon a small form factor pc with the same high end specs as a full tower model. In this case it is important to build the system in a way that optimizes heat management and dissipation. We went for a water cooling setup with a very efficient cpu to reduce heat production significantly. We ordered the right parts and started working together to assemble the parts. The build went quite well and the user is very happy, using his new custom built pc for rendering video and photo editing and other high performance tasks all within the budget of 800,-

Technical services

I often see that in the technical world there is a difference in communication between the needs of the client and needs of the contractor. I often see that the client is made to stay with the same business as to prolong the working relation between the client and the contractor. In my eyes this prevents both parties from further developing and potentially working together on different projects. I believe that good results will eventually create better opportunities. In my work I try to create a certain awareness to prevent that the client is dependent on my assistance after the job is done. I try to work together, chose options that the client is likely to understand and show them what I’m doing. This creates a better understanding of the needs and possibilities and also gives a better, more in tune end result.

case 1: Enfirm


I was contacted by Joost from Enfirm to assist him with the creation of his website. He had recently started Enfirm and had a strong vision on how he wanted to visualize the name to create a strong brand identity.

He told me his idea and also said he was told that it would be complex and expensive to do. But after exchanging a few ideas and doing some research I was quite certain we could create something that would match his original idea and would also be feasible to create. Ofcourse as I explained before, I tried to work in a way that would end up giving him control over the website without constant help from me which gives him a lot of freedom. If you are interested have a look at the end result:

words from the client:


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