‘Neat’ The modular recycling bin

Something we need to standardize in our modern society is to better separate garbage to improve recycling streams. To help with this issue I made a concept of a recycling bin that offers different garbage trays depending on the users needs.

One problem I came across trying to figure out how many trays the products needed was that recycle streams differed depending on the location of the household. That’s why I made the product modular. Depending on the recycle streams in your neighborhood you customize your recycling bin to your needs.

Materials and production

The “neat” is almost entirely made from recycled aluminum with a bio based powder coat. The modules are designed with easy disassembly in mind to promote the recyclability at the end of the lifecycle of the product. The simple mechanism makes the can inexpensive and easy to produce, use and recycle. One of the goals was to make the product just as easy or even easier to use compared to a traditional garbage can. I think this design matches that goal in many ways.

How it works

The modular garbage can is built up from bins stacked on top of each other, and held in place by a back hinge. The bins have different color indicators to show which material is supposed to go in which bin. Depending on the recycling streams in your neighborhood you can take off or ad extra bins for more materials. Then if you don’t need all the bins or don’t have space for a big bin you can take the full can apart and use the different layers as separate garbage cans, or you can remove the bottom layers from each layer in order to use the entire can as one compartment. As you can see many variations can be made on the configuration of the garbage can. It is fully customizable to the user’s specific needs.

The bag ridges are another feature that make this garbage can a really unique and sustainable

product. The ridges give the user the option to use old shopping bags and other otherwise discarded bags instead of garbage bags. This is very hard and sometimes impossible with conventional garbage cans because the size of the can is too large for the bag. The ridges provide a way to put any size bag in the can with ease.

The can combines ease of use with a practical sustainable design and a way to improve our daily life without impacting it.

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