H²pOst Water delivery vehicle

For my product visualization class I had to sketch a water scooter capable of transporting packages. I wanted it to be compatible with a small storage container. The front plate could hinge downward, to create a platform to roll the small container right into the storage opening in the front. In the back is a place to sit for the driver, and underneath the seat is the dual motor electric acceleration system powered by a set of rechargeable lithium batteries in the bottom part of the water scooter.

For this assignment the focus was put on hybrid sketching, a technique whereby the designer draws a design on paper and renders the picture with tools on the computer. This is a fast way of visualizing your designs, combining the best qualities of the two different techniques. Although I like sketching this way it is still quite time-consuming and i am more drawn to making a cad model. However creating renders like this gives the client a sense of freedom to make adjustments, and makes it feel like less of a finished design. It’s important to keep in mind what you’re trying to convey to your client.

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