Robot Strandbeest: Buildlog

As some of you might have seen already , I customized my existing miniature strandbeest so I could control it with my phone and let it walk around my room. For those who don’t know, strandbeest is an invention of Theo Jansen. He builds giant animal like art pieces made of PVC pipes. They walk around powered by wind energy and have a beautiful organic way of moving around ( Since I had a miniature version I always had the idea in the back of my mind. So I ordered all the parts and started building. Here is how i did it!

These were the parts I needed: a left and right geared motor, a motor controller board, an arduino nano, a bluetooth reciever and ofcourse some batteries to power the whole thing.

After assembling all the electronic components I had to find a way to connect my phone to my Arduino. Since there are some great pieces of software already out there I googled around for one that I could use with my setup. After tweaking it a little bit I got it to work perfectly.

I started to work on the housing and the connectors from the strandbeest to the motor. First I modeled the 3d file in the computer then I printed the parts on my 3d printer and put everything together. There I had my finished robotic strandbeest!

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