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Our second group assignment was to improve the shopping experience for elderly customers. We had to improve on the existing spot in the store where they can relax and drink a cup of coffee. We also had to design a device that would give them some kind of information. What kind of functionality was up to us in this case. we designed a compact and modular device that could be used in the existing setup so the cost of implementation could be greatly reduced. Also when the store is changing the design or interior the device could still be used. We made a device that improves contact and strengthens the elderly community by giving them the opportunity to organize and take part of all kinds of activities. The activities are created by the community itself. Say for example you love to knit, and you would like to do this with a group of people who live near you that are also exited about knitting. Now you have an accessible place where you can organize that. For the younger generation there is a lot of this available on the internet. But since elderly people normally have a hard time using those solutions we created this. In the hopes to improve friendship and community!

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