Senior+ Activity point materialisation fase

The materialisation fase of the senior activity point consisted out of an individual materialisation process, where the original group all made a finished design from the design we had previously created. I started with all the necesary components needed in the device. I did research on cost and availability of the internal components. Then I made a full solidworks model of the product. I also slightly changed the design and created solutions for a working table clamp a printer and a lock on the device. Then i made a user and assambly manual. I had not yet previausly attempted this so this was an educational assignment for me. Ofcourse a full package of technical drawings needed to be added to the final result.

It was nice to actually have an extra 8 weeks of design put into this project. When I finished this fase, I was very much satisfied with the end result. For presentation a promotional video was requiered wich was also intresting to make in Keyshot.

Pictures from my assambly manual..

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