Urban Hydroponic Garden

This was a group project and was made with a team of me and 3 other people. With this innovative and modern looking design we reduce the complexity of existing hydroponics systems by combining the eb-and-flow system with a rotating wheel. This greatly reduces energy consumption and makes for a nice looking quiet home decoration and educational product.

There is a display centered in the middle of the base which displays the emotion of the plant. This is a simple way to communicate information about the status of the plant to a child. With this information the child can manually provide additional light nutrition or water. This improves the child’s skills, motivates healthy eating and makes the child more aware of plant life.

How it works

The plants are housed within a large hollow ring. The wheel rotates slowly during the day providing each plant with the necessary nutrition. When the wheel rotates, each plant comes in contact with the water reservoir at the bottom, this way we eliminate the use of a pump or other complex water dispersing methods. It also makes the product near silent.

Product USP’s

  • Interactive displays

  • Educational use

  • Modern Design

  • Very little energy usage

  • Silent

  • Innovative desig

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