Whisky dispenser

This concept was focused less on the design aspect and more on the technical side of product development. We had to select specific components for the electronics to be used in mass production. The main part of the assignment was to design a dispenser. We could decide ourselves what kind of product we would like to dispense. I chose to make a dispenser suitable for use in bar and festival areas to provide service without the constant need of bar staff. Only when the machine needs to be refilled or cleaned it is necessary to have a service employee on sight. Cleaning the device is easy, unlock the door with a key and the bottle can be replaced and the tubing can be cleaned. A separate key will enable the staff to cycle the beverage through the machine after cleaning. The three indication lights show the status of the order and the amount of liquid inside the machine. All of this is driven by a single arduino nano board which in mass production would be replaced by an other ic, but in this case it was easy to work with. I wrote a piece of code that would detect if there was still enough fluid inside the bottle. If not, the machine would not dispense and show a red light on the indicator display. If the machine had enough liquid it would dispense exactly one serving from the beverage inside machine into the glass placed on the other side after the user inserts a two euro coin. Quite a bit of fine-tuning was necessary to get the machine to work flawlessly with constant coin detection and exact fluid dispensing. But in the end I got everything to work perfectly.

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