Minor Photography

To further my skills as a photographer I signed up for a photography minor at my university. Within the minor we were asked to shoot five different assignments. Texture and rhythm, styling, bodyscape, time and personal interest. I started with a concept,searched for inspiration pictures and decided how I wanted to make each assignment look. Once I had a general idea I usually did some test shots and reviewed what I had to keep in mind while doing the actual shoots. We had access to a studio equipped with lighting and different backgrounds.

Since I already had some experience shooting outside I made sure to use the studio as much as I could to also improve my skills shooting in a studio environment. I learned a lot of new things and had a great time experimenting with different subjects and concepts. Down here you can see the results from all the different assignments. To see all of the pictures click here to view the digital version. Of course you are also welcome to check out the paper photobook I made.


Texture and rhythm

For our texture and rhythm assignment we had to capture different textures and rhythmic patterns in the materials of our choice. For this assignment I experimented with a bunch of diffrent materials including candy and plastic straws.


The styling assignment was focussed on creating commercially usable advertisement pictures. A lot of work went into preparation and setup of the studio to create the perfect image. Every tiny detail is important in these kind of pictures. And a lot of Photoshop work is needed to finish the image.


The bodyscape assignment was very different from what I had previously done. We were asked to combine the naked body with light to create very powerful highly contrasted black and white images called bodyscapes. Using light to shape and form different visuals was a very interesting experience. (out of discretion I will not post these pictures online)

Time sequence

For the time sequence assignment we had to visualise the progression of time within a series of images. The most interesting part for me was to keep the image visually appealing. I wanted to maintain the same quality of images I had in my other assignments. I ended up capturing the progression of a melting candle and an egg breaking.

Personal interest

Now the most interesting assignment in my opinion was thepersonal interest assignment. We were entirely free to choose our own subject. I chose to capture the history of my hometown The Hague. I combined pictures from a photobook from 1860 with pictures I made from the exact same location with the same subject. I tried to make the pictures as identical as possible. Afterwards I put the old image on top of my image and created this beautiful blend of past and future.

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