Mycelium "Doomsday" clock

Before reading this article check out "sustainable mycelium helmet" for refrence.

During my minor in Amsterdam one of my initial ideas was to make a clock from the

mycelium material. After sharing and discussing this idea we figured that it would not work with the rest of my minor so I decided to go for one of my other ideas for my school project. But since I couldn't let go of the clock idea I decided to research this concept in my own time.

The concept was to grow a clock out of mycelium and to build in a microchip and co2 sensor. Depending on the measured co2 levels in the air the clock would run faster or slower. So for example, if the co2 level rises, the clock would start running faster, acting as a metaphor for actual time running out if we don't prevent the pollution problem we are facing.

I tried a few different ways to grow the clock into a mold with the clock face grown in. Sadly this did not turn out the way i hoped because the detail in the numbers was too high for the mycelium to grow into. So i decided to grow a large round block of mycelium. Afterwards I compressed it down to a more solid round disk. With help of a laser cutter i cut out a round disk shape and engraved the numbers into the mycelium disk. To my surprise the result was stunning. I also cut a hole in the middle for the clock mechanism and the co2 sensor. After that I started working on the electronics that make the whole concept complete.

Currently I'm still working on writing a fluent code for the clock but as soon as its done ill post a clip of the functional "Doomsday clock"!

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