Chengdu and a panda's love for bamboo

Chengdu is a city in Sichuan province, known for their two most popular things; the amazingly spicy food and pandas! The City of Chengdu had a similar feeling to Xi'an but they sure differ in climate, since Xi'an is next to the desert and Chengdu is much more humid and green.

The first day I visited the Panda research base near Chengdu. In the research base of Dujiangyan holds about 20 pandas in about 10 large natural enclosures. I had a wonderful walk around the park which is at the foot of a large mountain range. When I went there, there were very little tourists and I could enjoy most pandas by myself. I underestimated how much pandas looooove munching on bamboo!

I finished my time in Chengdu with a shared hotpot experience my hostel organized. We all went to the local market and picked out a bunch of vegetables and shady looking meat and threw them in the spicy boiling hotpot for a delicious meal, together with a bunch of nice people from all over the world.

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