Train to Moscow

After a quick stop in Berlin for some dinner and train snacks it was time to go. But wait, what does that say on the train information board. I have six minutes to get from the border of Germany onto the train to Russia, SIX MINUTES!1!! Luckily everything went smoothly. The train arrived and I hurried to the other train track where the train-staff was waiting. I was warmly welcomed by a Russian family and before I knew it we were drinking wine and eating cheese since as they told me, they were on their way back from Italy. I was pretty happy with my temporary house on wheels since I did not really know what to expect. This train ride would take 24 hours and during this time we crossed Poland, Belarus and then finally arriving in Russia. At 5 we were woken up to the sound of the intercom telling us to get prepared for border control. A bunch of men and women came barging in and after the check, we were rolling on, right into Belarus. A lot of sleeping listening to audiobooks and playing games later we finally made it to Moscow at 19:45. I said goodbye to the nice family and went onto the next mission, finding my hostel. The first train ride in my journey, one of many still to go.

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