Discovering Moscow

I have never been to Russia but from what the family on the train told me Moscow had made quite a lot of changes recently to make the city a little easier for foreigners to travel around. The metro stops now also have the Latin alphabet names instead of only Cyrillic which I still don't understand ат алл.

I arrived at the hostel which turned out to be a really cozy house converted into a hostel. The view from up there is pretty good! Now I have to figure out what I'm gonna do for the next couple of days. I signed up for a free tour of the city which I would definitely recommend if you ever visit. It was especially good because I could quickly visit all the tourist spots and at the same time figure out what to check out the next couple of days.

I decided it would be a fun idea to make a little photography project of the seven sisters. They are seven giant skyscrapers built by assignment of Stalin. During the tour, we visited one of them and I found the architecture to be so interesting and somewhat out of place in Moscow. My next blog post will be all about these skyscrapers and their story so stay tuned. But first a bunch of touristy pictures!

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