Hainan - my last Chinese destination

As my last destination in China, I decided to go to the island of Hainan next to the south coast of China. Instead of climbing mountains and exploring busy cities I wanted to enjoy China's beaches before traveling to Vietnam. And to my surprise, I met a fellow traveler in Yangshuo who had the exact same idea, so we decided to stay in touch and meet up once we were both in Hainan.

I'm trying to do this whole trip by train I booked a train ticket to the island, but how does that work? Is there a tunnel connecting the mainland and the island? Nope, actually, they put the entire train on a ferry and drop it off on the other side. I was excited to see how this would work. 30 years ago train ferries used to be a common thing, but since flying is so cheap now most countries in the world stopped using them. It sure feels weird seeing the train drive straight to the open sea.

Arriving in the City of Sanya I met up with my friend and we had an awesome time enjoying the beach sipping on fresh coconuts and swimming in the deep blue sea. A great way to finish a great adventure in China!

Next, I will travel back to mainland China to the city of Nanning, where I will be crossing the border into Vietnam together with another friend I met during my trip.

My next blog post will be a little story about China and the things I learned and had to deal with while discovering this crazy country.

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