Journey's end

When I prepared for my trip I thought that the story of this journey would end in China. This was my plan, yet life sent me on a different path. A path that ended in pain and grief but also lots of love and gratefulness.

Since I enjoyed my travels over land so much I started envisioning a goal to travel the whole world over land and sea in separate journeys. Because of that, I decided to finish my trip by traveling to the lowest part of Vietnam so I could someday return and keep traveling onward to Australia.

But sadly, just before leaving for Vietnam to meet up with one of my best friends from back home my friend was injured badly in a scooter accident. Then during my Journey through Vietnam, I was witness to the passing of a fellow Dutch traveler. Due to my first aid experience, I was part of the group that performed CPR. I have since returned home to the Netherlands and I have been searching for a way to finish this story. I felt the need to acknowledge these events but I also want to remember and cherish the good parts of the journey.

So here it goes, a recap of my crazy silk road adventure:

KM's traveled: 22.229

Hours spent on the train: 289

Cities passed along the way: 224

Cities visited: 23

I am thankful to all the friends I made along the way, the people that helped me out when I needed it, everyone that so kindly welcomed me in their cities and shared their culture with me, the beautiful places I was so lucky to have experienced and of course the things I learned about myself and about life that I will carry with me the rest of my life.

To Myrna, may you rest in peace.

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