Kok-Tobe & crossing the Chinese border

Before leaving Almaty I went to go visit Kok-Tobe with my new friend Pakizat. A hilltop overlooking the city of Almaty . Before visiting Kazakhstan I did not know what to expect of this huge country. We don't get much news of Kazakhstan back home but I really came to love it in the short amount of time I was there. It seems like a strong and independent country relatively unaffected by its neighbors Russia and China. The people are kind and welcoming and there is lots of adventure to be had and beautiful sights to see.

I was pretty nervous about this last border crossing. I knew from plenty of online sources that security in this part of China would be rather strict. But I was well prepared with the right visa and even though they made me take everything out of my bag multiple times and looked trough my phone, laptop and camera I eventually was allowed to cross after speaking with multiple border police agents about my travel plans.

My destination Urumqi was not a city I wanted to stick around for a while since security there is very strict too. Yet, I was very excited to finally be in China after such a long journey. After a short break I went on to my next destination, Dunhuang! and only 4,5-hour train ride, easy. :P

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