Requesting a visa extension in Xi'an

One of the parts of this trip that was still a bit unsure was how I would be able to keep traveling through for the second month. I figured out before that there are two possibilities. One is to exit the country for example to Hong Kong to apply for a new visa, and the other option is to request an extension on your current visa. This is only possible once but it makes it possible to stay another month without the inconvenience of having to leave the country. Theoretically, you can request this extension in most Chinese cities but from some online sources I figured out Xi'an would be my best bet. I went to the public service bureau and without any problems got accepted for the extension which meant I could start planning the rest of my journey! During the processing time of five days, I did not have my passport so I had to stick around in Xi'an for a little longer. Xi'an used to be the first Chinese city on the Silkroad and still has the original walls surrounding the old part of the city. Xi'an also used to be the capital of China during the Tang dynasty. I partied in clubs full of only Chinese, ate amazing food and enjoyed walking around the markets and learning the culture of the city. So with my fresh new visa, I am ready for part two of my China adventure!

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