The great wall

I had arrived from Dunhuang to Beijing and had a few days to check out this giant capital city. Looking out of the window of my train the landscape slowly changed from dry desert landscapes to the most amazing green mountain sights.

The first two days I explored the city's sights but nothing could compete with what I saw the third day. I woke up early to get to the shuttle bus to Jinshanling the bit of the wall I had decided on climbing. I met a bunch of weiguo ren (foreigners) on the bus, even some Dutch people, and together we started the climb. it was an absolutely incredible day and the views were stunning.

There is a total of around 8800 KM of wall built throughout multiple dynasties. Seeing this shows what people can accomplish when given enough time and dedication. It made me realize how much time and effort was put into protecting the Chinese empire at that time.

Those nomads that that China tried to keep out with this wall really must have been some scary guys :P.

Now my next adventure begins. Due to a wrong metro exit and some huge lines at the Beijing railway station I missed the first train of my journey (It was bound to happen at some point). But not to worry I received a new ticket free of charge for a train a few hours later. Although there is one minor difference. Instead of having a comfy bed during the ride I'm gonna have to stand with no seat reservation because those were sold out! Hopefully, I can score an empty chair or a free corner where I can lay down because it is a 12-hour ride! Nothing much compared to my previous trips but standing will surely make it an interesting experience.

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