The karst mountians of Yangshuo

Yangshuo is a beautiful city close to it's bigger brother Guilin, both in Guangxi province. The surrounding nature and city blend together here perfectly. When walking through the city you can stumble upon one of the karst rock formations in the middle of the center. Rather than removing the rock formations to create space for the city's infrastructure, buildings have been built around them creating a wonderful mystical environment, where humans and nature blend together. Arriving in my hostel I was greeted with the most wonderful view from the terrace. Amazingly enough, a bunch of friends I met throughout this journey through China were all planning to visit Yangshuo around the same time I would visit. So all of a sudden my time in Yangshuo turned into some sort of big reunion. We visited moon hill, took a boat ride on the Li River and explored some of the farmer's villages close to Yangshuo on scooters we had rented from the hostel. Although one of the scooters broke down along the way we managed to "borrow" some electrical cable and were able to tow the scooter back to the hostel. My last night in Yangshuo we went out with the entire group of friends including other Dutch travelers I met at the hostel and we visited a cool climbers bar. And unlike the many Chinese tourist bars it had good affordable beer and a great western atmosphere. I found out there was an American there who was planning to visit my next destination, the island of Hainan, at the same time as me. So we planned to meet up as soon as we both arrived there. You can read about that adventure in my next blogpost!

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