The seven sisters

During the tour around the city I was taking we came across one of the seven sisters. A collection of skyscrapers built after the second world war by the order of Joseph Stalin who at the time was the leader of the soviet union. In Stalin's own words he said: "We won the war ... foreigners will come to Moscow, walk around, and there are no skyscrapers. If they compare Moscow to capitalist cities, it's a moral blow to us".

And it was indeed an impressive sight to see. These giant buildings really look quite intimidating, yet they do look out of place when compared to the rest of Moscow. This is because Stalin took inspiration from the American skyscrapers at the time.

The buildings all have different purposes. Some are residential buildings and two of them are hotels. One is used as the building for the ministry of foreign affairs. The last and also the highest one houses the Moscow state university. I managed to photograph them all in two days.

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