Zhangjiajie national park

Zhangjiajie national park is a magical place in Hunan province with thousands of rock pillars and all kinds of different flora and fauna. Like all Chinese national parks, there are a lot of steps and well-made paths to walk up to the viewpoints and like always there are a few cable ways for people unable to climb the steep stairs up to the mountain. This might make the park seem a bit more commercialized but it does open the door for people of every fitness and age level to appreciate these natural wonders.

I went climbing with another traveler I met in my hostel and we found paths that were totally deserted and much harder to climb. At the end of the day, we did not even manage to finish one of the paths because the road got too dangerous and we had to climb down in time for the park to close down. So even if you are looking for some more adventurous climbing Zhangjiajie is great for you too. And when your standing on top looking at this insane view it's hard to process the scale and beauty of this park.

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